Expertentreffen Portoroz - „How to build the perfect Dashboard“

Treffen und profitieren Sie von unseren Experten DI Pavel Glebov zum Thema: „Dashboards have become a standard business and operations tools. Unfortunately, many of them are overloaded and difficult in daily use."

This presentation covers high-level know-how to build focused(more), thoughtful, and user-friendly dashboards. Namely it includes base principles and graphical design, explanation of practical usage of APEX components, Charts, JET-technology, and Plug-Ins. Also the approaches to modify Oracle DB, using both well-known and newest 12C features, to get answer almost in real-time are described.“

Mehr Infos zum SIOUG 2017 Programm:
SIOUG 2017
16. - 18. Oktober
Kongresni center Portus
Hotel Slovenija, Portorož